Guess what I got in the mail today….

I’ll admit, living overseas does have its perks.  Sure, its hard to be away from home.  I hate missing out on the birth of my godson, the wedding of one of my best friends, holidays with the family and anniversaries with the boy.  There are times that I miss having a car.  Or grocery stores where I can read all the labels.  I tend to crave a good charcoal-grilled burger from time to time.  And lord what I wouldn’t give to walk down the street without smelling durian and dried fish. 

But.  But, there are things that I do love about living overseas.  For one, as anyone could guess, I love the traveling.  I can travel to new countries for nearly half the price it used to cost me to fly home from seminary.  The food, though sometimes odd and/or unrecognizable, can be amazing.  I love trying new things.  Not only does it make for a good story, but I often end up surprising myself.  Who knew that my favorite Filipino dish would involve pig’s blood?  (don’t judge – it really is good!!  they call it “chocolate pork”)  I am fascinated by the interactions of different cultures.  I’m really blessed to see that a lot in our shelter – as the Filipinas and Indonesians work out life and struggles together.  They learn from each other.  I love watching the Indonesians dance.  And the Filipinas sing. I love watching the age-old Chinese dragon dance.  Their cultures are just rich with tradition.  Tribal dances.  Traditional dresses made with deep earthy colors.  Instruments made with what is abundant in their lands – bamboo.  I love the histories of another people.  The stories of the years of oppression that make individuals and communities stronger are inspiring.  I love telling people that I live in Hong Kong – because it just sounds cool.  All my life I have wanted to live overseas, and here I am, living the dream.  Its not easy.  Its not always fun.  But its real.  I get to meet amazing people, visit incredible sites of natural beauty, and with every new stamp in my passport, I know that I am gathering more stories to tell, over and over again. 

But want to know one of my favorite things about living overseas? 

The fact that I get to vote before any of you! ha! (bet you didn’t see that one coming)  That’s right – I got my absentee ballot in the mail today!!  OH yeah!! 🙂


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