Thoughts on Palin

I don’t claim to be able to speak to this with any authority or political intelligence, but just a few thoughts I can’t get over.

First, everyone is excited about Palin.  Some are excited, as in, really excited, and proud, to have Palin on the Republican ticket.  It is a decision they are praising and fully supporting.  While everyone else is excited to have something else to knock on.  She gives so much feed for the fodder, its hard to leave it alone.  Even in my little section of the world, she’s big news.  If McCain was trying to stay in the headlines, he achieved his goal.  For better or worse, everyone is certainly excited about his choice of Palin.

Another note on keeping up with politics from overseas.  I gather most of my information from reading, namely online articles.  I search through online papers, headlines and blogs.  And the free paper in Hong Kong (The Standard) reprints day old articles from mainline Western papers.  So when Obama and McCain announced their running mates, one of the first things I asked was, “And how do you pronounce that?”  Being removed from the world of TV, I miss out on the correct pronunciation of names, as I’m now reading with the Asian inflection and sounds of vowels.  Which I just find funny.

Okay, to the meat of the Palin issue.  Here are the things that I just cannot get past.  I am not critisizing her as woman, and I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to choose between being home with family and being as involved in politics as she is.  But seriously, this woman has SO much going on at home, just in her immediate family alone.  A son about to go off to war.  A daughter expecting.  A new born baby with special needs.  And she wants to uproot and move to D.C.?  I really wonder how much consideration has gone into how this will effect her children?  Does she really think that they can handle the pressure of being in the lime-light all the time?  Is it really fair to Bristol to be named in press releases in this sensitive time in her life?  How someone who claims to be a devoted mother can willing put her family into that kind of environment is beyond me. Granted, I make that statement as a single woman with no children, but it just seems really harsh to be dragging your young children into all of this.  And as much as I don’t want to sound like I’m a stay-at-home advocate (because really, you do what you need to do as a mother), but her family needs a mother, and if she takes office, can she really expect to be as involved in her family as they need her to be??

I cannot handle her stance on the environment.  The “Drill Baby Drill” movement makes me want to throw up.  How can anyone, Palin, McCain, or any other professing Christian, honestly think they are honoring God by DRILLING and destroying God’s creation?  Why aren’t protecting animals (one of God’s first commands to Adam) a higher priority?  So for Palin to just disregard the plight of the polar bears because she doesn’t believe its really happening, despite physical evidence, is so angering. 

Anyone who says that God has called us into this war has not only lost my vote (not they had it in the first place) but also completely lost my respect.  We have enough trouble in this world without adding more war to the mix.  I cannot support a presidency that supports war as the answer.  I just cannot.  I have seen first hand the horror of war torn lands, the devastating effects of wars that force people off their lands and into the ungracious arms of another land as migrants.  For Palin to even suggest that God supports war is to say that God has stripped his own people of their rights to land, safety, peace, sustainable government, the ability to grow or access their own food, and the ability to keep families together.  The effects of war moves far beyond the casualty count.  It is seen in the mining companies that come in, the bulldozers that destroy homes, the presidents that force people out of their own country, denied education rights and blockages of fresh water and access to food.  Please tell me how this can be God’s good plan??

Palin needs to watch what she says.  While I haven’t been watching the conventions, and I can’t speak to the background graphics (though I’ve heard the blue screen is nothing short of torture), I’ve read a few quotes from Palin that make me gasp.  One was the comment on “reversing the waters and healing the planet.”  As if healing the planet was a one man job, or something to take lightly.  It makes me a little scared that she’s not more concerned about healing the planet (environmentally or economically) herself.  And the comment about reversing the waters, in light of the high season of hurricanes and devastation they leave behind, just seems heartless.  As well as the pitbull comment.  With the controversy in California surrounding the rights to even own a pitbull, and the apparent recent tragic case of a young girl in Alaska who was killed by a pitbull, makes this comment as well seem insensitive. 

So, those are my thoughts, for what they are worth.  I’m fascinated by this woman, and all the news that is coming out about her.  I can’t figure out yet if McCain really knew what he was getting himself into.

Also, I’m addicted to this blog as of late.


10 thoughts on “Thoughts on Palin

  1. All great points. Well said.

    Interestingly, I haven’t heard a definitive pronunciation from the woman herself. Even at the RNC, some of the speakers would say PAIL-en, (as in, I’ve got this moose meat in a pail) while others (including McCain), would say PAL-en (as in, Jesus is my pal).

    This should be investigative priority number 1, I think.

  2. Yep. Absolutely.

    And I have kids. My husband would never take a promotion and a move in that situation, so it is not a woman/man thing. It is a parent thing.

  3. Liz,
    As a male and as a stay-at-home father, I must totally disagree with your sentiments and Emily’s too. Your comments, even as a woman, seem very sexist. Who’s to say that Sarah’s husband isn’t the better caretaker? Who’s to say that he shouldn’t be the one to stay at home and care for the children? Why must she? It isn’t really a parent thing or issue. Being in the White House they’ll probably have pretty good childcare and help, probably much better than in Alaska even and who has ever questioned George Bush, Bill Clinton or anyone else about child-rearing? Nobody. I think you should think through this subject a little more and weed-out the inherent sexism there. This is coming from a man…a stay at home dad…just saying…

    glad to hear everything’s well with you overseas. blessings.

  4. To be fair, I think that their comments are more about the uprooting and moving across the country and craziness of the political spotlight at a sensitive time, not that she couldn’t be the primary caregiver.

  5. Michael – thanks for the perspective, but I obviously do not mean that as a sexist comment. Whoever stays at home, great, but like Val said, its more about uprooting a family, shoving them (almost literally) into the limelight, especially at such a young age. And just for the record, I have questioned Bush, Clinton and even Obama about their children as well – its a tough position for anyone choosing to be in such a power seat – because often a family gets neglected, even with the best of intentions. And this post was about Palin, not any of the other candidates present or former. So I feel the judgement is a bit warrented, especially after she went to work THREE days after delievering her 5th child (and that supposedly she flew from Texas to Alaska while in labour just to have her child in Alaska?? can anyone verify this story?)

    And yes, Lane, I agree – pronounciation should be of the highest priority!

  6. Well, someone has to do the job! No one ever said you wouldn’t have to make sacrifices to be president or v.p. I’m certainly glad some one with great charachter and integrity is willing to make that sacrafice. She obviously has a husband and a family that supports her. Who are we to say it’s a poor decision to uproot your family when they have so many issues. We all have issues don’t we? To me her family seems very typical. A family that is dealing with everyday issues and has chosen not to be ashamed and is choosing to deal with them the best way they know how. I have a very good friend who is a stay at home dad and is raising 3 girls. His wife is an attorney in the airforce and it was their decision as husband and wife for him to stay home and for her to pursue her career. They are a very strong family because they made that choice together. Perhaps Palin’s family made that choice too.
    As far as the environmental issue, I would think she would be very aware of God’s creation and the affects of drilling. Have you seen where they are talking about drilling? Might want to look up the area they are acutualy talking about. It’s a pretty desolate place with a tremendous supply of oil resources.
    As for the war I think you may of taken her comment out of context. Don’t know for sure about that comment.
    At any rate, whatever your opinions are about the candidates running for president, doesn’t change the fact that I love you very much and I am very proud of your very independant soul!

  7. Wow, you sure got responses from this post! All of them way more eloquent than mine was going to be. I can say that you guys gave me some different perspecitves to chew on for a bit since my knee jerk reaction is that anyone with a 5 month old baby should have the baby as a priority even if the dad is the caretaker fine, but he needs both parents. Anyway, as a female and one who feels very strongly about children that is just how I feel on that. And I agree that it’s about putting your children in the limelight and uprooting their lives. I’ve thought the same thoughts of Barak Obama’s children for the record.

  8. Liz,

    One of the things that bothers me most about Palin is how she parades her youngest son – the one with Down’s Syndrome – around…and how he is used as a political tool (she’s pro-life, she has a down’s syndrome baby).

    Well, that and the “Hottest VP Coolest State” buttons that people were wearing at the convention =)

  9. ikate,

    I think it is bordering absurd to suggest Palin is parading her downs son around. When and where? She mentioned every child at the convention, not just one! All of the kids were given camera time, not just one! She did say she’d be an advocate for special disabilities children and to that I offer a hearty “AMEN”! It’s about time! I wish more Churches did that!!!!! But I find your statement quite unwarranted. And yes, the “Hottest VP Coolest State” buttons are stupid…the slogan is just soooooo hokey. Anyway…

    I think Bess gets to the heart of the point I’m trying to make: Who doesn’t have these issues? What if, like McCain, Palin didn’t talk about her children, how would you even know about them? To me, the fact that she has not kept her family out of the picture suggests that she is real, that like us she has family things to deal with but that it all brings a realness to the office. I’m probably not going to vote for that party but at the same time, who’s to say that she’ll be any less of a parent? How do we know what goes on behind their closed doors? This is all mere speculation.

    As I said before, if they get into office, it is likely that they will have the best childcare in the nation. For what it’s worth, I wish more families had that. There’s a strong chance that as it would with theirs, it would improve most families. I still am left unconvinced by the “family” and “good mom” arguments, I seriously don’t think they hold water. Just saying…

  10. Michael – I’m a little frustrated that you are only focusing on one point of the many I made. Each is entitled to their own opinion, but to single out only one issue is like trying to make me look like I’m mommy-bashing, which I’m totally not. And for the record, I never said it would make her a bad mom or a bad VP, but that it would affect both the office and the home. I think that is hard to deny. Work affects family, and family affects work – and I’d really like you to prove otherwise. We should allow her the position b/c the WH can offer good child care? Seriously? Yes, please, let’s allow someone else to raise your children. (sorry, but that’s a beef I have with a lot of politicians/rich people and/or people who simply try to hand off their responsibility. Its one thing to have a babysitter, or even a parttime nanny, or daycare, but full time childcare in the home means that the parents arent raising the kids. I see it every day in my work, and its just sad – for the parents, the kids, and the nannies who get so attached.)

    Regardless, I stand by my statement that being a mother of 5, with the obvious needs her family has, would indeed be a strain, and something that we should indeed take into consideration!

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