I love celebrating!!

Happy Birthday Valerie!!  The foster mom to my pup; college roommate of 4 years; best friend of 8 years; constant listener; patient teacher of all things that bake, sizzle, cook and marinate; great road-trip/travel buddy (remember Peter and Fred?); walking jukebox with amazing taste and range; keeper of knowledge of all things random.

Val – you’ve been an amazing and constant friend throughout the years!  I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!


4 thoughts on “I love celebrating!!

  1. Happy Birthday indeed! Do you guys remember celebrating the half birthday in Atlanta with my Big Black Eye? I still have pictures somewhere…….

  2. Oh man – I do now!! We made her wear that ridiculous shirt, it was so cold, and we had to stop to put oil in my aunt’s van like 4 times!! But we had a great time! Yay for birthdays AND half-birthdays!!

  3. I don’t remember it being cold, nor do I remember stopping for oil (maybe I’ve blocked that out), but I do remember the shirt and Squatbean’s HORRIBLE black eye. It was really fun, though!

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