Just for fun…

I haven’t done a suvery/meme/theme (whatever you want to call them) in a long time, so I figured, now is as good a time as any!  I got this from Heather, but she used my obvious 1st choice.  So I’m going to use my new favorite band.

Describe yourself using ONE BAND/SINGER and only SONG TITLES from that band/singer.

Band :: The Hem
Are you male or female :: Polly’s Dress
Describe yourself :: We’ll Meet Along the Way
How do some people feel about you :: The City and The Traveler
How do you feel about yourself :: All That I’m Good For
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend :: Crazy Arms
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend (or lackthereof) :: I’ll Dream of You Tonight (or b/c I can’t choose!) He Came to Meet Me
Describe where you want to be :: Almost Home
Describe what you want to be :: Stupid Mouth Shut
Describe how you live :: The Present
Describe how you love :: The Cuckoo
Sare a few words of wisdom :: The Golden Day is Dying


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