A post all her own!

Happy Birthday Stephanie!!  To the wonderful friend who has: introduced me to the likes of Patty Griffin and Sandra McCracken; baked me scones, cakes, cookies and made homemade meals to make me feel loved and welcomed; faithfully listened to me talk/whine/exclaim about a myriad of topics from boys to religion to school to music to work; taught me that a good long walk can solve just about any problem; provided me a home for the summer and a sense of home on her couch every time I pass through town; and has taught me more about life, love and God than I learned in church or school.

Happy birthday Stephanie.  I hope those around you today celebrate you all day long!  Love you!


2 thoughts on “A post all her own!

  1. What a beautiful post! I couln’t have said it any better. She is all those things and more to me also.
    I keep you in my prayers and look so forward to seeing you again.
    And I am so proud that you are a Godmother to our grandson.
    Love you!

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