And one to grown on….

17.  As in, in the course of my lifetime, I’ve had 17 room/suite/housemates.  17.  On Saturday, the number changes to 18.  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome contestant Number 18! 

We are receiving three new volunteers at the Shelter, all Indonesians, to help with translating and case loads.  We are SO incredibly excited to be receiving more help – it could not come at a better time.  One of the volunteers will only be staying a couple of months, but as far as I know, the other two will be here for awhile.  And one of them, Vonnie, is my new roommate.  While I am excited to have some company around, and happy to share what little (did I mention my entire flat is maybe 350 sqft?) space I have, it is certainly going to be an adjustment.  I have lived on my own for 9 months now.  Living alone as a new experience for me, and one that, quite frankly, I have enjoyed very much.  I love that I can practically live in my PJs, that I can sing along with my ipod while doing dishes and not worry about the number of times I hit my snooze button bothering the person in the next room over.  At the same time, there are days that its really lonely.  Days that I need to come home and have someone to decompress with.  So it will be really nice to have someone who knows my job and will understand what a bad day means.  Pros or Cons – she’ll be here Saturday. 

I’d like to think that I have a pretty good track record with my roommates.  I keep in somewhat regular contact with more than half of the group, and 4 of them are people that I consider among my absolute closest and dearest friends in the world.  So I’m not worried about getting along with someone new.  At the same time, I’m not expecting a new best friend. 

But let me just say, 2 people, 350 sqft, and a 4 minute hot water heater, just sounds like the makings of some comedy sitcom.


2 thoughts on “And one to grown on….

  1. This is going to sound selfish but I can’t wait til you are back stateside and I can see you again! I miss you!

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