The summer of conferences

This month, Hong Kong will host two major Human Rights conferences.  Our offices have been crazy for months preparing to help host these two events – coordinating everything from housing, to speakers, to food, to visa issues and more.  The conferences will be held back to back, and it promises to be an exhausting week.  But there is also a buzz of excitment, particularly over the first event. 

The International Migrants Alliance (IMA) will be holding its Founding Assembly June 14-16.  This is the “First-ever global alliance of grassroots associations, organizations, unions, networks and alliances of migrant workers, immigrants, refugees and displaced peoples.” (quote from the IMA email list) It will be a time for all of these organizations to gather for the first time and present the issues that affect Migrants worldwide, and offer solutions of how to unify and stand up for their rights.  This has the makings of a historical event, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it all!  (see the post below for the most recent press release regarding the IMA event) 


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