Offering Relief

First off, thank you to everyone who has been checking in via email, facebook, and text messages. Thankfully, Hong Kong was not affected by the devastating earthquakes that hit central China on May 12th. But celebration for safety is clouded with a desire to send relief and aid in anyway possible. Victims are still being found, while search and rescue teams work tirelessly to save as many as they can. The plans for rebuilding demolished communities has not yet begun. For all the bad press China gets for Human Rights Violations, they have really stepped forward and done everything necessary. Thousands of troops have been deployed to remove rubble and search for survivors. Surrounding communities have sent relief by way of manpower, shelter and food.

The United Methodist Church, via its China based organization Amity Foundation, was on the scene nearly immediately, and has pledged to offer food, clean water, counseling and money.

These last few weeks in Asia have been overwhelming following first the cyclone in Myanmar, and now the earthquake in China. The recovery process for both of these countries will be slow and painful.

UMCOR (the United Methodist Committee on Relief) has been offering immediate and long-term assistance in response to disasters around the world for years, and now is no different.

If you are interested in helping to contribute to their efforts, please consider visiting these links to the UMCOR website.
For earthquake relief:

For cyclone relief:

For more information on Amity, check out their website:


One thought on “Offering Relief

  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Liz. UMCOR, through Church World Service, is one of the few organizations that has actually been able to get relief into Myanmar, so I’m glad you’re letting people know about this.

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