For all the Mother’s out there…

Its weird to me that I know so many Mothers.  I mean, that I have friends that are Mothers.  Sometimes I forget how grown up we are. 🙂

So a special tribute and prayer for all of you Mothers or soon to be moms: Stephanie, Emily, Emily, Heather, Leslie, Kate, Carrie, Laura, Allison, Stacy  – May your day be beautiful, full of love and laughter and appreciation from your family.  You are all amazing!! 

And to my own Mom:  Forty days until I get to see you again!!

A woman who loves her family above all – who creates time for laughter and memories…..

One of the most kind and nurturing women I know….

And to my amazing Grandmothers – who showed me what it means to love your family no matter what, to give selflessly, to laugh through the tears and to love God above all else.

A woman with a grand sense of style and a laugh that begged you to join in.   

A woman who wasn’t afraid to show how proud she was…of her family and her friends, and who never missed a chance to tell you a good story.


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