Its May Day!

In remembrance of struggles of labor forces throughout the centuries, May Day, also known as International Labour Day, typically celebrated on May 1st, is a day celebrated throughout most of Europe and Asia.  Not only is it a day to remember the struggles of workers who fought to legalize the 8-hour workday, two-day weekend, union rights and much more – but it is a day for workers around the world to continue standing up for their rights.  Today, I’ll join a rally and march with thousands of Migrant Workers from Indonesia, China, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Nepal.  We’ll be asking from the Hong Kong Government a substantial wage increase (Domestic Helpers are currently the lowest paid working group in Hong Kong, making less than $500 a month in one of the most stable and fast growing economic cities in the world!), demanding set working hours (as there are currently no hourly laws, many DHs work up to 20 hours a day!), abolish the two week rule (once a DH is terminated, they are only allowed two weeks in HK to process a new visa, even though standard policy takes 5 to 6 weeks to process a new visa, forcing the DHs to travel out of the country – an added expense for these already poor workers), and allowing Domestic Helpers to apply for citizenship (DHs are the ONLY group that is allowed to enter HK but is never allowed to apply for citizenship, no matter how long they’ve been here.  Once a DH, always a DH).  Among other things I’m sure.

I’ll be sure to post pictures, and maybe even a video, later.  For now though….

Its May Day!  Go out and protest something!!!


2 thoughts on “Its May Day!

  1. “Its May Day! Go out and protest something!!!”

    Ahahah amazing.

    It’s also Ascension Day, which David Wildman has termed Intifada (i.e. shaking off, rising up) Day.


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