Leaving on jet planes and typhoons

Tonight we had a going away party at the Bethune House for Julie and Kelli – two Global Justice Volunteers from GBGM who have been here for the last 6 weeks.  Getting to know them, work alongside of them, watching them learn the lessons in the BH and make relationships with the women there has been an absolute joy for me.  They quickly became good friends and we spent many evenings playing cards and more afternoons being silly with the camera.  It will be very sad to see them go on Monday.  Tonight was a true testament to how much their short time has meant to the women in the BH.  There were tears, fits of laughter, lots of dancing, plenty of food and some very strange pineapple drink.  Listening to the women thank Kelli and Julie, through their tears and giggles, got me worried.  I was already tearing up tonight – how in the world am I going to survive leaving in December!?  I am so in love with my job – mainly because of the women I work with everyday.  They are the kind of women that, even though we speak different languages, somehow can get me out on the dance floor.  ME!  Dancing!  I know.  Scary.  I spend so much of my time listening to stories, writing statements, asking about their families back home, learning new recipes from them, laughing over the way we stumble through the language barriers; I’ve never thought of having to say goodbye.  It just hit me tonight that its not going to be easy.  Good thing I don’t have to say goodbye yet!

Also, tonight there is a typhoon in Hong Kong.  Its my first typhoon.  Its kinda like a hurricane, I think.  It even has a name, like a hurricane.  Typhoon Neoguri.  Right now its a level three, which means that winds are blowing as high as 38 mile per hour, and its thought it could move up to a category 4 during the last night.  So far no major problems or anything, just noisy wind. 

And with thoughts of goodbyes and swirling winds named Neoguri, I’m off to bed!


Its now raining sideways.  Not slanted.  Sideways.  Crazy.


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