New Favorites

Still struggling with the dream world.  The book I am reading isn’t helping.

Here’s my version of “The Good Life” – New Favorites.  Except, this probably won’t be an ongoing thing, just a list.  And, what the heck, with bullet points.

  • Skype: God’s gift to international relationships.  No kidding.  This online phone service is free as long as you call skype to skype and has some of the cheapest international rates I’ve ever seen if you wanted to call landlines.  For graduation Kris’ parents gave me a webcam, and now Kris and I can see each other a few times a week.  We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together over webcam.  Very sweet.  Even my, um, technologically-impaired family (I mean that with all the love in my heart dad) have signed up, and I get to see and talk to them fairly regularly as well and also spent the holidays with them via the webcam.  SUCH a great idea!  Now, if only I could convince certain people with babies and other certain people with a special dog to sign up, life would be good.
  • Dried Fruit:I know that we have dried fruit in the States, but I had never given it a second thought until about a week ago, when I was sitting in a 7 hour meeting starving, and someone pulled out a bag of assorted dried fruits.  Now I can’t get enough.  Particularly dried mangos.  YUMMY!
  • Honey Lychee Tea: This is a drink I reward myself with at the end of a long day.  It combines the perfect amount of sweet and smooth.  Such a treat.
  • Saturdays: For the last four years I had a job that pretty much required that I work on weekends, which I didn’t mind, because that is where the money was.  Now, Saturdays are guarded carefully.  Being my only day off (I’m not as special as to earn a two day weekend yet), I have to be sure to balance it well with sleeping in, but not too late, and doing something enjoyable, but not too strenuous. Its hard to cram a week’s worth of relaxing into one day!
  • Skirts: I am by no means a girly-girl, I think we’d all agree.  But I love skirts.  Especially the flowy kind.  I don’t really have to dress up for work, except for the days I’m in court, so most days jeans and a tshirt suffice.  But its about to get H-O-T.  This week has already been in the high 80s with no lower than 80% humidity.  Ick.  So sometimes, jeans are just too much clothing to be wearing.  Skirts are perfect because I can still pair a tshirt with them, slip on my beloved Rainbows and I’m good to go!
  • Dunaguan: I know, the word looks funny.  It kinda sounds funny too.  (pronounced “Dune-ah-goo-An”)  It is a traditional Filipino pork dish.  I am not going to bother telling what goes into it, because you honestly do not want to know, but it is my new favorite food.  SO tasty.  It will be something I crave when I get back to the States.  One of the Filipinas spent an afternoon teaching me how to make it last week.  I was very impressed, if not a little grossed out, but man it was musarap! (that’s delicious in Tagalog)
  • Reading Time: Its like I’m back in 3rd grade with a reading corner and an egg timer.  Only, I’m 26, the corner is really the MTR (subway) and there’s no egg timer, just a recorded voice over the loudspeaker announcing my stop.  I am rarely found without a book in my purse (which of course, warrants carrying larger purses than I ever have, see next bullet point).  After years and years of assigned reading, I can finally choose a book for myself.  And I am just eating them up!  I’m averaging about 3 books a month.  I absolutly LOVE having time to read for pleasure again!  So if you have any recommendations, send them my way.  And for all of you who have sent books my way, you are amazing!!
  • Big purses: Let me say it again, I am not a girly-girl.  But there are certain things that I just love, such as funky earrings, skirts, and now, big purses.  I NEVER carried a purse larger than my wallet in the States.  I had no need to.  As long as it could hold my money, my keys and phone, I was good to go.  Now though, well, the contents of my purse are a lot more complicated.  I used to catch my old roommate Nathan constantly digging through my purse – usually looking for quarters for the pool table.  If he were to dig in there now though, he might get lost, and he would sure be surprised at what he would find.  On any given day, inside my purse there are the following items: A book (see above), a water bottle, my phone, a calender, my wallet (usually containing at least two kinds of currency), my cell phone, a calculator, a variety of pens and probably a highlighter, a notebook, case files from work, my camera, my keys, my ipod and peppermints.  Always peppermints.  So, you can see why I need a larger purse, right?

Ok, that’s all.  That’s a lot of favorites actually.  Maybe I will continue this post later, and follow Nick’s lead with New Least-Favorites.


4 thoughts on “New Favorites

  1. eat, pray, love by elizabeth gilbert. i am only 14 pages in and it is already one of my new favorite books.

    also. july 12, 2009! in a fit of decision making with some encouragement from peter to be bold and do what I wanted, i picked a date and reserved a location! (i still have to tell my mom…)

  2. Val, I have been reading A.V.M. for awhile now, I just keep getting distracted – which is odd because she is my absolute favorite author! But I love the concept of the book!

    Katie – I will have to check that one out. And Yay for July 2009! I’ll be there! Can Abby be my date?

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