The weekend in dreams

So the theme this weekend seemed to be dreams.

Friday night and Sunday afternoon I went to an art exhibit where a friend of mine works – and the theme for all of the art was “In Your Dreams.”  The artists ranged from 4 years old to 40 – and there was some pretty interesting work in the studio.  There were the typical buildings made of chocolate and flying ponies.  There were also some really deep and thought-provoking paintings.  This was my favorite:

The room where all of the children’s paintings were exhibited was tiled especially for the occassion with blue skies and white, puffy clouds.  The walls of the whole studio were lined with cupcakes and there was a whole table up front dedicated to wine and cheese.  It really was like a dream-land.

Then last night, I had a really awkward dream.  I have never been good a describing my dreams – but they are usually pretty vivid, and its not usual for me to carry a dream-feeling with me throughout the day.  Unfortunately, my dream last night left me worried all day.  I was worried that I had offended someone very important to me, that I had let him down and I had that pit-in-the-stomach feeling.  I couldn’t shake the dream all day.

At church tonight, the lectionary reading was from the first chapter of Genesis.  And don’t you know the sermon was about dreaming?  Dreaming of a cleaner, healthier earth – something closer to what God had in mind what it was said, “And it was very good.”  Our speaker tonight talked about how we shouldn’t just dream of clean air and clean water, of a land not in danger of being mined or logged, or of people living in harmony; rather, we should live out this dream.  We should work for it, one little step at at time.  Because while we may not be able to change the whole world with our actions (like recycling, just for example) we can change our small piece of the world.  We can live in such a way as to live out our dreams for a cleaner, more beautiful world – in our environment and in our hearts.  Something that will make God say, “Yes, it is very good.”

Also, I had pink rice today.  Seems like something you should eat only in a dream, only it was for real.


3 thoughts on “The weekend in dreams

  1. I cant really describe what it tastes like…kinda like jello, but not really? its just sweet and sticky and pretty good actually. and its more of a snack than a dessert

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