Two Years!

Today I celebrate alone. And so does he.  But even with the distance, I couldn’t think of anyone better to be celebrating two years with.  Happy Anniversary Kris!

I love that you can always make me laugh

I love that you went from being “one of the boys” to “THE boy”

I love that your sense of fashion is better than most

Even if it is a little off sometimes

I love all of the support you have shown me over the years.  For the encouragement when things are tough, and for the way you say you are proud of me.

I love your love of animals – particulary dogs.

I love that you enjoy cooking.  I love it even more that you love to cook for me.

I love the way you challenge me to always keep growing and learning.

I love celebrating with you – anniversaries, birthdays, holidays

When we celebrated our first anniversary – I thought I would never feel as loved or as lucky as I did that day.

But, another year has come and gone.  And every day I realize that I am more and more in love with you.  What I felt after one year, has grown and expanded.  You bring uncountless joys into my life.  I’m sorry that we don’t get to celebrate today together this year.  I love you and miss you so much.  Happy Anniversary!



3 thoughts on “Two Years!

  1. Awwwwww!
    I love that you and yours and Sam and I have no fear of nauseating (sp?)others with our love!
    And that Sam and I are not the only couple that dance with our dogs…
    BTW do you still have the ‘prince perfect’ list? I think I lost mine somewhere…

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