Prayers for Hebron

And David.

While I’m posting about my own selfishness – things I like and don’t like, longing for scrambled eggs instead of fried noodles, there is so much more going on in this world.  And not just in Israel, but here in Hong Kong.  And I’m sure wherever you are too.

I was going to write a post today about our protests on Sunday and Monday againt Philippine President Gloria Arroyo’s visit to Hong Kong.  How Sunday was a landmark day with a great turnout and actual results.  How Monday was the closest I’ve ever come to being arrested (David Wildman would be proud).  And then I read this, and was reminded, its not about me.  Its not about what I do. Its about community.  And hope.  How sometimes we need to cover our faces while we stand for justice and peace, so we don’t get in the way. 

And then I read this and was brought back to where I needed to be, instead of off wondering what I was doing wrong.  Reminded that my calling is to be amonst these women, in this community, listening, standing by them.  That living the day to day is living the call. 

“And, by the same note, doing crazy things does not mean that we have a better call or are, in some way, more worthy. We can risk our lives or not, we can do big things or little things, we can be monks or head a family of 10, we can be pastors and priests or quiet, behind-the-scenes people – in any capacity we may or may not be living in the Kingdom story.” (Katie)

“May our decision to try to be human in the face of inhumanity be one marked by humility, by the need for mercy, by an understanding that I may be wrong, that I am wrong about so many things, caught up in so many ulterior motives.” (David)

Did you guys plan that?


3 thoughts on “Prayers for Hebron

  1. Such a great reminder – I am always instantly humbled when I come flying off of my horse and end up with a mouthful of dirt (I think to myself, “OK God. You’ve got my attention now…”, but I needed to hear this today, and everyday actually.
    What praise have I truly earned ON MY OWN and what good things have I done that are without some gift HE has given me?
    Thanks Elizabeth. Your ministry goes far beyond Hong Kong.
    Oh, and I LOVE your superhero picture!

  2. Haha well, I steal most of my ideas from Katie, I guess you could call that planning.

    But, hey, we DO want to hear about the protest! I mean, humility aside, we’re all suckers for a good “I almost got arrested standing up for justice today” story.

  3. not real excited about the “almost got arrested” bit. especially since you are in…CHINA….not like spending the night in jail at spring break. God is watching over you but He also doesn’t want you to place yourself in situations where you shouldn’t be. love you, but am always filled with parental concern!!

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