Prayers needed

Tomorrow afternoon I have to head back to the Dreaded Evil Agency with Eli again.  This time to retrieve her airticket home.  These guys just never learn.  Hopefully this will be a peaceful encounter, sans the police.


5 thoughts on “Prayers needed

  1. I know you know this, but your last post and this post are so deeply connected.

    You’re the bravest of all of us, Liz. I would take the tear gas any day over this. Yours is so much more personal, so much more intimidating, in my mind.

    Solidiers I can deal with. Their riots masks hide their faces.

    It’s the young women at the passport desks who scare the shit out of me.

  2. Well, it was not what it was built up to be – maybe that’s because of all the prayer. Eli called me too late in the day, and I was stuck in a meeting, so she said she would go herself, they gave her the ticket, though not her travel allowance (by Hong Kong Law the Employer is supposed to pay HK$100 per day of travel – equivilant to US$10), and the Agency said the employer never gave them the money. So I advised her to call her employer and tell her what the agency said. The employer called the agency and they gave her the money too, apologizing for the “mistake.” At least she is set now! Thanks for the prayers!

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