Because I had waaaay too much chocolate and now I can’t sleep and am instead posting a meanlingless blog, knowing this will probably get more comments than my well-thought out ones….  


I am: up way past my bedtime
I think: I’ll regret that tomorrow
I know: all the words to the Rent Soundtrack
I hate: my alarm clock
I don’t: any clue why I ate so much chocolate tonight
I can’t: believe I’ve been here 8 months already
I can: almost stand on my hands (just a few more yoga classes….)
I will: be traveling to 5 countries in 8 months
I won’t: forget my camera (ha! David! ha!)
I miss: clean air
I fear: not being able to express myself
I feel: the presence of God more now than ever
I hear: more languages on a daily basis than I have in my entire life
I smell: fish the moment I step out of my flat
I crave: open space
I wonder: when I’ll get around to doing the dishes?
I regret: little
I love: playing card games
I dream: of seeing my boyfriend soon
I care: so much that sometimes it hurts
I always: check my email right before bed
I am not: easily labeled
I believe: in God’s Grace
I sing: loud when I’m alone, and not at all when others are around
I smile: when I think about my dogs
I laugh: at my own mistakes
I collect: friends and magnets
I play: like I’m strong
I write: things I know I am never going to share
I await: the hope of Easter
I cook: haha, no really, I don’t don’t
I trust: more than I used to
I intend: to sleep more than I do
I search: for my keys in the bottom of my purse
I look: at myself in the mirror less than i used to
I shout: instead of Tide or All
I whisper: prayers over people I work with everyday
I conquer: fears of insecurity and lonliness
I listen: mostly to chick music, but occassionaly to heavy metal
I live: by Grace


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