Locked in!

I am currently writing this post while imprisoned in my own home.  That’s right…all 267 sq. ft of my apartment have me confined.  Shut in.  Stuck.  Sigh.

I have someone staying with me this weekend, and when she left this morning, she locked the front gate.  What she didn’t know was the the gate had an automatic lock, and by physically locking it, it slid the deadbolt over.  The deadbolt, I should mention, cannot be undone from the inside.  I’ll have to admit, I didn’t know that either.  But I do now.

(this is the culprit gate…very secure, no?)

So, I sit my little flat, thankful for an internet connect, with the door open, the gate locked from the outside, waiting on a hero to come rescue me.

Oh if only I were Rapunzel!!


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