Obama must be reading my blog…

“Brothers and sisters, we cannot walk alone.

In the struggle for peace and justice, we cannot walk alone.

In the struggle for opportunity and equality, we cannot walk alone

In the struggle to heal this nation and repair this world, we cannot walk alone.

So I ask you to walk with me, and march with me, and join your voice with mine, and together we will sing the song that tears down the walls that divide us, and lift up an America that is truly indivisible, with liberty, and justice, for all.”


Please don’t see this post as my endorsement of Obama.  And please don’t read that last statment as a stand against Obama.  Sometimes, its not about politics, sometimes its just simply about listening to one another, standing together, working together, walking together…..


6 thoughts on “Obama must be reading my blog…

  1. Hey, when did he say this? I’m just curious, I’ve only seen this on your blog and Katie’s blog. Was this a campaign speech or what?

    Just wondering!

  2. David, I dont think was a campaign speech per say. I believe it was an address he gave on MLK Sunday. You can follow the link to read the whole thing.

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