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David was faithful to his word and posted a new blog – check it out.  Very thought provoking.  David also puts me to shame for being the quickest to post about something he says he is going to in a comment section.  (did you follow that?)  I have said twice in the last week, once in my own comment section, once in Aristaeus’, “I’m gonna write a blog about this…”  And they are coming, I promise – I have them all written out and waiting.  But there are few trivial things I want to get out of the way first.

The number one thing being – Its FREEZING in Hong Kong.  Ok, maybe not really.  But close – very close.  What’s worse, is that Hong Kong is not set up for close-to freezing temperatures!  No one has a heater.  It gets “chilly” here for like half a month a year.  I laughed when it hit 70 degrees and people were pulling out their fur-lined parkas.  Now I’m jealous.  Its in the 40s, super windy, and all I brought in the way of warm clothes were three long-sleeved shirts, two light sweaters and two light jackets (think, rain coat).  I don’t want to break down and buy clothes that I won’t have a need for in two weeks. (hopefully)  But the heat thing is going to get me in the end I think.  My flat is all tile – coupled with no heater – means I get home and wrap up in three blankets and am still shivering.  Oh, and please remember that I get 3 minutes of hot water a day.  Brrrrr.

Second, I may be the only one contributing to this, but I had plans to post about this before Valerie and Nick decided to host the First Annual Christmas Throw-Up Off.  Because the cold weather is actually making it feel like winter here, my contribution, Hong Kong style:

(Sometimes I need Mary’s expressiveness to really relate something.  Mary, please don’t take offense to this, because I love reading your posts.  I can hear you exclaiming the things you are writing.  So, I want to dedicate this post to you, and hope you don’t mind if I use your all caps style.)

Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui:

Pictures really cannot do justice to what you are about to witness.  Because, in pictures, everything is still.  BUT, in real actual not still life, everything in City Harbour is moving.  




And there are no less than a BAHzillion people patiently and not so patiently waiting for big heads to move out of the way so they can get their PERFECT shot of the flashing and moving that will only come out blurred and still. 


BUT nevermind because they WILL have the perfect shot of the PURPLE stars and GOLD Christmas tree. 


Because nothing says “ITS CHRISTMAS!!!” like purple and gold and flashing and moving in Chinese.   There’s a Christmas tree that looks as though its made out of gold meat hooks. 


And there are large gold and silver snowmen with very scary POINTY noses that are at least two feet long.  Seriously folks, this thing could MAIM you!!


There is even a snowman you can walk THROUGH, in case you need to get to the escalators that will take you to the top of all the flashing and moving gold and purple and silver mayhem.  The inside of the walk-through snowman is, of course, sparkly gold and flashy purple and its not nearly as chilly as one would think for being INSIDE a snowman. 

 Ironically, the title of this FLASHING and MOVING and PURPLE and GOLD and SILVER and all things atrocious and overcrowded Christmas decorating is:

5 thoughts on “A link and a contribution…

  1. I LOVE the pictures. So so glad you posted them. Someone was asking about you the other day, and asked me if they celebrated Christmas in Hong Kong. I’m sending your link to her now.

  2. This was great. I am making the rounds apologizing to everyone for being MIA in the blogosphere lately. I had very limited access to my laptop on our trip since Mr. H had legitimate school needs and used it most of the time. I had over 60 unread blog posts when I got home so I’m slowly making my way through. Looks like you had an exciting holiday. We missed you in Nashville, Montgomery & PC but you definitely have the most exciting life these days, it’s worth it.
    ALSO, I don’t have a monopoly on capital letters but thanks for the dedication. No offense taken!

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