Back In Hong Kong

Well, I am finally back to the land of neon lights and concrete.  I am sunburned in all the wrong places, have narrowly escaped a motor-bike ride with my life, and now own a $600 pair of slippers.  I will update more later, but for now I am exhausted – and using coffee house internet as my is out AGAIN.  Stupid PCCW! 

By the way, should anyone ask, my favorite part about my sunburn is not the evidence of white finger marks on an otherwise red arm, nor is it the triangle on my right ankle.  No, my favorite part is not the streaks under my arms, or how one ear is more red than the other.  My favorite part would have to be the bright red speckles on the top of both feet.  Let’s say by chance, someone should put sunscreen on their sandy feet, then go for a dip in the ocean, then lay out for a little while – their feet might look a lot like mine – bright red dots where the sand blocked the sunscreen.  Not that that’s what I did or anything….

 Also – David – thanks for the lovingly admonishing comment, I guess it was my turn after all. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Back In Hong Kong

  1. A sunburn sounds absurd to me right now. We just had one of the biggest snow storms I’ve ever seen yesterday. Maggie can barely go outside because she sinks in up to her ears.

  2. So, from what I gather you went to Bali, swam in a pool while drinking cocktails with UN ambassadors, snuck out of the hotel in the middle of the night with people you had just met to visit some indigenous peoples, got a really strange sunburn, and then almost died.

    Also I want pictures of said sunburn.

  3. Wait, so where did you get $600 slippers? Or more importantly how? I didn’t realize that the missionary business paid so well… 🙂

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