Biking in Bali

So I’m back, sort-of.  I am not back in Hong Kong yet, but I am finally back to the world of pretty internets.  I went 7 days without any access to internet.  Seven days, people!?  Can you even imagine a life without internet?  Well, believe me, I lived it for seven days, and its not pretty.  That was the longest I have gone without access since I was in Africa in 1998!!  Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.  Also, not checking in for 7 days means that: I had 133 email messages that were not in my junk folder (mostly work related updates and forwards, but a surprising number of letters and updates from friends), 24 new notifications on Facebook, 5 messages on Myspace, and countless blog posts to catch up on (you guys did not follow my directions and sit still for a week!! Shame!).

I am in Bali for the next 9 days, and let me tell you, it is like the hottest version of Heaven you could imagine.  I just spent the better part of a week in the home of an Indonesian family where the 6 year old granddaughter spoke the most English, there was not toilet, just a hole, and no shower, just a bucket.  I am now staying in this super-swank hotel with a waterfall, an actual bed, flushing toilet, actual for real toilet paper, a shower AND a tub, hot water (something I haven’t had for more than 4 minutes a day since I left the States), a bar IN the pool, breakfast that doesn’t include chili peppers or rice, and 10,000 gung-ho save the environment, control the climent, eliminate poverty, political and social activities from NGOs, businesses and the UN from over 130 different countries!!  Wow. 

 ~*~ As Valerie so aptly pointed out, I forgot to speak to the title of this post. Opps. 🙂  On the conference grounds here, which takes up two of the largest and most prestigious hotels in Bali, they provide free bikes to get from venue to venue (how very green of them).  Yesterday my new Australian friend Flint and I (yes, that is his real name – how fun is that!?) were biking to a meeting on the other side of the grounds, and got directed by FIVE different grounds officials the wrong way.  It was hard to be upset with them, because we ended up by this little covered beach with a breathtaking view of the valcano!!  It was well worth the detour.


2 thoughts on “Biking in Bali

  1. Everyone you know is officially jealous.
    This sounds awesome, except for the part where you didn’t have internet or a toilet. Everything else sounds awesome.

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