Signs of settling in

Sorry for the depressive mood of last week’s post.  But here is something to cheer you up!  Well, it cheers me up at least! 🙂  7 signs that show I am actually settling in well:

7. I have started recieving junk mail in Cantonese.  I like to make up what it says, and that always makes for a good time…

6. Life doesn’t halt when it rains – I still have to go to work, to the grocery store, and walk home from a friend’s house after a movie…

5. I recieved my first bill yesterday – water bill – $3.10…gotta love it!

4. The baker around the corner from me not only knows what baked good I need to start my morning off (pineapple bun!), but has started saving extra tidbits for me at the end of the day to pass along (garlic bread, tuna sandwiches…)

3. The insane amount of crowds still annoy me, but not as much….

2. My doorman and I have lovely exchanges every evening – even though neither of speak a bit of the other’s language.  Last night, he had pictures of him when he was in the Navy to show me!

1. Today, I laughed.  I mean, really laughed.  Laughed till my sides hurt and there were tears in my eyes.  It felt good.  It was the first time I have really just let go since I’ve been here.  It helps.


5 thoughts on “Signs of settling in

  1. Good news! I’m sure it is hard being somewhere so unfamiliar. Obviously it is easier here, but after a year and a half, I am just now starting to settle in. That is probably because I just took a job here so it no longer feels like being “away at school” but like we could really be here a few years.
    It’s weird. We are the farthest from home we’ve ever been but we’ve lived in our apartment here longer than we’ve lived anywhere since moving away to undergrad.
    This post was great.

  2. These are great signs indeed, signs of home, even if it is a temporary one. I think there is a whole dimension of the sacred having to do with bakeries and coffee shops. When Jesus returns, I wouldn’t be surprised if he stops first to get a skinny white mocha, no whip and a multigrain scone—or a pineapple bun. Yes. And laughter? You have crossed a threshold my friend. Glad to hear it.

  3. Glad you are feeling better. No matter how it stated in the first place, it is so good to feel a lift up from the low places we’ve been. Laugh some more… it’s good stuff.


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