Not better, just different

It strikes me some days, how incredibly different my life is here in Hong Kong.  Some things are better, some not so much.  But its the little things that are different, that I find funny.  Check it out:

Where I work:


Where I used to work:

How I was “celebrated” at work: (My last day)

How I am celebrated at work here: (In case you can’t tell, they are singing happy birthday to me in Bahash!)

How I got around in the States: (I didn’t actually have a picture of my car) 

How I get around here:

Fountain in downtown Lexington: 

Fountain in Lantau:

Horse race track in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Horse Track

Horse Race track in Kentucky:

Dinner here:

Dinner at home: (ok, true, this is Thanksgiving dinner…its just the only picture of a dinner in KY!)

My dog in Kentucky

Same dog, its just now he has a foster mom, and I don’t get to see him 😦

My street in Kentucky:

My street here: (I am the short building to the right of the square grey building)

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