I love my Saturdays

During the week, I work a lot.  My work varies from day to day, and I love the organization I work for, so that makes most of my days really enjoyable.  I am one of the lucky few who loves her job and looks forward to each day I can be a part of the amazing ministry they are doing. 

All that said, I love my days off too!  Saturday is my only day off during the week (with the exception of holidays of course), and I look forward to those days that I can get out of the city and explore what it is that makes Hong Kong so beautiful.  Hong Kong is made up of over 220 islands!  So whenever I have time, I hop a ferry and go explore one of the outlaying islands.  It is always a fun adventure visiting the small fishing villages, the local temples, and the hiking trails.  Most of the islands have beautiful mountains, with well-marked and kept trails.  For the last few Saturdays I have spent my afternoons hiking.  I love the feel of the sun beating down on my shoulders, the ground inclining to the peak, the sound of bamboo stalks acting as natural wind chimes, the fun surprises you find along the way – a butterfly on a bright red flower, a squatter’s shanty, a delicate spiderweb with its creater laying in wait.  Each island offers something different, each mountain is a new experience.  Each moment spent out in the green, the heat and the climb, gives calm to a city-weary soul.  My greatest times of reflection and prayer are spent in the hike.  There is a freedom to wander, to enjoy, to be a part of nature. 

I may not make it to all 220 islands before my time is up, but I am sure going to try.


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