Yay for the Internets!!

Nothing deep or profound today. Just happy news: Yay!  I have the internet in my flat again!!  It took weeks (literally) to get everything set up.  And then another week to get it set up right.  But!  It works now…so that means that I will be much more accessible (good or bad thing I guess), and will be posting more pictures, etc.  Maybe even a few videos…who knows? 
 Also wanted to share in this post how AMAZING my dear Mariellyn and Heather are!!  I got home today and my door man was making funny motions at me, trying to panamime a box.  I got to my door, and there was not one, but TWO packages waiting for me!!  Heather sent me a book!  Stardust by Neil Gaiman.  It looks like a fun read, and I am sure that I am going to have to make myself read slowly to make the book last more than one night!  So YAY for Heather!  And then Mariellyn sent me tea!  I know..funny.  But I asked for it. 🙂  See, the story here is:  Mariellyn is from the North.  Well, Ohio anyway.  And she is a US2 who got placed in Pulaski, Tennessee!  During training we joked about how I was going to have to transition to a world without sweet tea, and she was going to have to transition to a world with nothing but sweet tea!  Apparently, she has grown quite a liking for sweet tea (who wouldn’t?).  I am living in the land of tea, this I know.  And good tea.  When you go out to eat, instead of automatically bringing water, the waiter brings hot tea.  I am learning the joys of oolong, jasmine, white, and green teas, just to name a few.  But I could search the stores all day and night, and not find just plain old Lipton brew, which we all know is the only good tea for making sweet tea.  (I tried to make sweet tea with both green tea and oolong…no bueno, no bueno at all!)  So dear Mariellyn, sharing her Southern hospitality, sent me plain old Lipton brew!  Sweet tea for days!  Yay!!
 So, yay for pretty internets (as Mrs. H would say), yay for new books, and yay for sweet tea!!

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