4 more to go…

The first four things I am going to do when I finally arrive in Hong Kong (Two days of traveling?  BLEH!)

4. Sleep off my jet lag!!  I arrive at 7am Saturday morning and start work Wednesday morning.  I am sure I will be glad for the time to adjust to the new sleep schedule.

3. Find the local store/market and gather supplies.  I will arrive with a jar of peanut butter and a sleeve of crackers, but I can’t imagine, even rationed carefully, that they will last long.  And I am so excited to jump into a new world of food!

2. Community mapping!  Oh yay (other Minterns and US2s – we all know how fun this can be!)  It is so important, to feel apart of a community, to know your community.  So  I will spend some time just wandering around, figuring out where things are, walk my route to work a few times to become familiar with it, meet some of the neighbors, learn where the hospital/clinic is, and get just a general idea of the layout of my area.

1. Find an internet cafe or how to get access in my flat so I can let everyone know that I arrived safely.  I will certainly try to post, though it may be short to start out with.


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