And then there were 5

That is, 5 things I am tired of saying/explaining.  Not that I fault people for not already knowing the answers, (I am still learning myself) – it is merely the repetion that is getting to me.  So, please, still ask questions, but if they are one of these, refer to the answers below:

5. “Um, actually, Hong Kong is in China, not Japan. No, really.”

4. “No secret codes necessary in your emails – Hong Kong isn’t governed by China, they’re autonomous because of their recent release from British rule 10 years ago.  So religion is free.  No need to fear of being persecuted.”

3. “Yes, Kris and I are staying together.  No, I won’t be bringing home a Chinese boyfriend.  Yes, Kris is going to come visit.  Sometime late spring.  Yes, of course he is sad too.”

2. “No, I won’t be coming home in the 16 months (‘Why not?’).  It is too expensive – you want to fly me home?”

1. “I can barely imagine what next week is going to be like, how in the world am I supposed to know what I will be doing after this program. (That’s 3 years people!!)”


3 thoughts on “And then there were 5

  1. Oprah had someone on the other day who was talking about “destination addiction.” It’s a made-up disease, of course, but the point was that a lot of people put all of their energy looking to the future and never enjoy where they are.

    So, in honor of destination addiction, I say you don’t need to know what you’re doing in three years from now. Nobody does.

  2. HA. I think I’ve asked almost all of these questions. Valerie doesn’t mind answering them. Maybe you could direct all further inquiries to her.
    great post.

    so, not to belabor this, but you said your gone for 16 months? and the program is three years? do you spend the remainder of the time here? do you know?

    i met hank last week. very very cute.

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