Goodbye #8

A couple of weeks ago Abby had a post by this same title. She was referring to her apartment number, but we later both agreed it felt like we were in a countdown of goodbyes. I feel like I have been saying my goodbyes since June, and really, I have been. The list of goodbyes is growing.

Goodbye #1: My safe and secure job in Kentucky with favorite clients.

Goodbye #2: To the amazing Minterns and US2s

Goodbye #3: To good friends from work. They threw me a surprise going away party that made me feel so loved.

Goodbye #4: A heart-wrenching goodbye to world’s best boyfriend and my roommate – it was a double whammy.

Goodbye #5: To Valerie – college roommate and pet-sitter extrodinaire!!

Goodbye #6: To my sister, which I wasn’t prepared to do just yet. She left for school and won’t be here to see me off next week.

Goodbye #7: To Stephanie, Brian and Asher (also known as the world’s cutest baby!) Friends that I haven’t lived near for a long time, but yet, moving even further is still hard.

In my life I have made some amazing friends and having to say goodbye has been difficult for me, even though I know its not the end. But with each goodbye, it has also gotten a little easier. They are not as emotional as when I started out. I realize that I’ve grown used to saying goodbye, though others have not. So I wanted to dedicate this post to all those that I have said goodbye to recently, and let them know how much they actually mean to me. Ignore my lack of emotion and realize that these goodbyes are indeed hard. I also wanted to take the chance to say goodbye, officially, to those that I would not otherwise get the opportunity to. Beyond the amazing people in my life, there are things and places that are familiar that I am leaving behind. So, a tribute to all those who won’t receive the formality of words, but deserve a recognition nonetheless:

Goodbye #8: –

  • Mr. Gourd-man; seller of gourds, large and small – a faithful landmark on Hwy 231.

Very strange shop man south of Brundige – it looks like you have cool art in your shop but I’ll never know because you are never open, though my college roommate said she met you once.

Stinking Creek Road – you never failed to make me laugh.

Amazing Florida sunsets that turn the sky colors that halt my normal routine.

McAlister’s Deli – your grilled chicken breast on pita with no tomato, potato salad and sweet tea with no lemon was a staple on Tuesday nights in Alabama and a treat when I found you on the road.

To the stretch from Montgomery to Panama City – particularly from Panama City to the state line, I will not miss you and your constantly changing speed limits and small towns.

To the 9 Boiled Peanuts and 8 Bonsai tree stands on Hwy 231 – random but fun.

There are so many more sites that have become a part of my daily routine, the drive home, in Florida or Kentucky, restaurants, vendors – familiar pieces of my life. Goodbye.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye #8

  1. Today the little boy I teach looked up from riding his bike and said “Bye bye trash!” to the garbage pick-up. He does this often. “Bye-bye truck,” “Bye-bye ‘A'”, “Bye-bye square,” etc. He understands your language of good-byes.

  2. so glad i inspired a liz posting! the sequence of goodbyes is so true. and it continues to stretch out now that i’m leaving later…

  3. I totally met that man! But I don’t think that’s his shop- I think that he lives there, which may be why it’s never open…

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