Its getting hot in here

I don’t really have anything deep or profound to say.  I just felt like I needed an update.  And really, the only thing that I have to say right now is, “Its so stinkin’ hot!!”  It is the conversation all around town – in the line at the grocery store, beside the pews at church, to the woman wilting at the next gas pump over.  Its hot, and its humid.  Like, you walk outside and wonder who sucked the breath out of you.  So hot and humid that I can take a chilled water bottle outside, and within 5 minutes it is lukewarm.  And its sticky.  My skin has a new film over it that I am not so fond of.  Its hard to be professional, or feel good about the way you look, when your hair, which normally thrives in humidity (gotta love those curls!) is sticking to the back of your neck, and you are discovering sweat stains in places that you aren’t even wearing clothes!  It is so bad, that its almost to hot to go to the beach tomorrow.  And that is just sad.


3 thoughts on “Its getting hot in here

  1. Don’t get the wrong impression… I have complained plenty about the heat this summer. What sucks up here is that almost nowhere has good or any air conditioning so there are always a couple of unbearable weeks.
    BUT there are random days like today. I just ran 4 miles outside in long sleeves and long pants and it was still a little cool. IN AUGUST. I don’t care if we live here 25 years, I will never ever get use to days like that in August.

  2. It is so hot that today in the park I saw a bird pulling a worm out of the ground using oven mitts! (insert rim shot here)

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