Still Processing

So after three very intense weeks of training in New York City, I am back in Kentucky, and still very overwhelmed.  Sometimes, it seems like a dream, the fact that I just spent the last three weeks pent up in a room with 16 other people who are so focused on social justice, that they couldn’t help but spur one another along.  We learned and discussed so many topics along the lines of human rights, justice and peace.  There were days that I couldn’t do anything but cry at the lessons we learned, while other days, I could only laugh.  We learned, in the class and on the streets, that one of most important aspects of missions, is listening to someone’s story.  So listen we did.  We heard stories about our brothers and sisters across the world, across the street, and across the hall.  So thank you to all of our leaders, teachers, to Kirby and to all of the US2s and MInterns – from you, I have learned more than my tired little brain can handle right now.  But I have pages of notes, pictures, books, quotes, and ideas that will resurface at just the right moments.  When I am in Hong Kong, facing a situation I don’t understand, something you said, or something you challenged me on, will come to mind, and I know I will stop and listen to the needs and wants of the people I am working with. 

So thank you for your wisdom, thank you for your challenges, and thank you for your laughter.  I am still processing it all, but I am sure it was great!

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