I know I know …. I’m a slacker when it comes to updates!!  Sorry.  This past week has just been INCREDIBLY busy with training!!  I am in NYC right now, going through the Young Adult Missionary training with 16 other wonderful young adults!  We are from all over the country, and heading out all over the world!!  We come from all walks of life and denominations with one great intent in our hearts: To serve the heart of God by fighting injustice and working towards peace in the world, by joining in community with others.  Training has been intense.  From topics of white priviledge, racism, child abuse, money issues, and a FOUR HOUR Bible study on Israel/Palestine…ahem..I mean the Walk to Emmaus. 🙂  (by the way, if you ever come across any Bible studies done by David Wildman – drop everything else and read it – he is AMAZING!!)  So while our days have been filled with sessions, lectures and note-taking, our evenings have been filled with community-building.  We have been staying up to the wee hours, listening to each others stories, singing, sometimes dancing, eating a lot of ice cream, playing cards, crying and praying together.  After only a week, I already feel at home with this group of men and women.  I feel free to share my thoughts, my fears, my joys.  There is such an open trust that is felt within the whole group that is usually so rare to come so quickly, and covering all barriers that may have otherwise risen in the group.  I feel blessed to be training with these great people, and ask that you be praying for them, as they are getting ready to start out on journeys of their own.  And prayers will often be the only thing sustaining us!!

 I will try to update more this week, but for now, its time to crash!!

Names to be praying for (as well as the locations they are going to.  Note: Some of those training are in the US2 program, so they have a domestic placement for the full term, instead of a split placement like the Mission Interns)

Me – Hong Kong  ~ Abby – Grenadad  ~  David – Jerusalem  ~  Beth T. – Brazil  ~  Christina – Columbia  ~   Christie – Nicaragua  ~  Lindsey – Philippeans  ~  Brittany – South Africa  ~  Jen – Germany

Beth T. – Denver  ~  Katie K. – Denver  ~  Katy W. – D.C.  ~  Jamie – D.C.  ~  Rebecca – D.C.   ~  Michael – Purteo Rico  ~  Lindsey – Honalulu  ~  Mariellen – Pulaski, TN 


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