Our first walk together

To get us started, I wanted to let you know why I have created yet another site.  It is not so that I can cover all the internet bases.  It is not to fit in.  It is so we will have a space that is safe to share ideas, not just updates.  I want to have a place whose sole purpose is to be an outlet of expression, growth and exchange.  So please join me.  I want to hear your thoughts.  I want to keep discussions flowing as though you were right beside me, walking down an easy path.  If you are learning something new, through Scripture, or church, of where ever else, feel free to share it here. If you want to discuss any topic, let me know, and we will get it going.  Feel free to bring others into this conversation.  I don’t intend for this to be a place of arguing nor for it to be a place where a difference of opinion elevates someone.  We are all thinkers, and I want to know what you are thinking.  I look forward to our walk….


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